Tuesday, September 23, 2008

thank you

Thank you to everyone who is showing support to me in this pretty difficult time, I appreciate it very much. I am way happy to know that my family and friends still love me, there is no better feeling when your down. Thank you again!

Monday, September 15, 2008


yes, I Caleb Pace the kid who can barely take care of himself is having a child and being forced to grow up. (huh this would work as a movie with seth rogen playing me) I and my ex girlfriend are expecting a child in april. I am very excited because I know I will be a great dad and it'll be cute because it's mine. well there's the word, an actualy blog with a point. This should be a great 18 years huh?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I love music. As I sit at my computer (obviously) I listen to music and I listen to music depending on the mood I am in. Right now it's acoustic stuff like John Mayer's Free Fallin' and Smashing Pumpkins landslide (best version by the way) and I just realize that if there is one thing as good as movies its music. I grew up listening to Blink-182 and that band has shaped who I am like someone growing up listening to Johnny Cash or Garth Brooks or something. IT toally reflects the moods I am in and can make me happy or sad. Music is great

p.s. Kanye is the man for doin what he did to that paparazzi jerk. I hope more celebs do it.