Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ok so what's New

It's been forever but here's a little refresher.

I got married to the mother of my child Amanda. On February 7 I started a family. I got an awesome daughter (Rylee) in the deal who I plan on adopting since the real father is a dumb face(cleaned up for family)

Still work at Ikea, love every minute I am there. Amanda and I got to go on a late honeymoon to Disneyland in November, it was a nice break from life and the kids. I was on of the best times of my life. We actually took the kids earlier in the year on a whim of a trip to California which we were surprised by Amanda's dad with tickets to Disneyland. It was awesome to take Rylee on It's a small world and Pirates of the Caribbean.

And of course my first born came into the world on June 12, 2009. His name is Jayden David and he is simply the greatest thing to happen to me ever. He is now six months old and just a cute chubby baby.

Ok so what

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

mazal tov! it'll be a boy!

I found out yesterday that I am having a boy. And we already decided on a name, Jayden David Pace. I love the middle name because it was the name of my uncle who passed away when I was a kid. I was hoping for a girl but a little sports star will do nicely. He is supposed to be here June 25th 2009. This should be fun.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have finally gave into the rest of the world, I am now a facebook junkie. I am on that more so if you want updates that's the place to go. But hey Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, November 21, 2008

After 21 years...

I'm moving out (about time I know) but I am moving to riverton, not far away but still I'm just happy gas is cheap again. I have spent 21 years in one house, I hold the record in my family for most time spent in this house after my parents, so boo ya! But I have amazing memories of this house it where I was with my family and they are the most important people to me. A few good memories I have here are as follows-no particular order

-Christmas Eve 2006-The Fight, Me and Ali got into a little argument and since then I have been a little closer to her I think, It was really funny now that I think about it.

-Family Home Evening with my Uncle David, I don't remember too much about it but I do have a video that I watch about it every once in awhile. In my memory I only remember him picking me up, I hope I never forget it.

-Last Christmas, getting a digital camera and Trent seeing we were going to fly to Disneyland especially after the hardest thing I've ever gone through just really helped.

-The Firecrackers-about two summers ago I was lighting a bag of firecrackers and it didn't light and I did wait about 20 sec. so I thought it was safe so I put my face down there to check it out and it went off in my face and I had blisters all over my face.

-my pinky-I was playing Hide and Seek with my friend shawn, my brother trevor and then BRITT, So I was it and I saw my sister go into my mothers old school orange car and I went to tag my sister but she opened the door got out and slammed it shut. With my pinky in it. Needing stiches. Still have the scar Brittany.

I know I have more those are just some that stick out to me now. maybe I will update them soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heart Beat

I'll tell you what, on the way to go see if Amanda has ektopic(or whatever it doesn't matter) and was thinking I could hear my babies heartbeat for the first time, it didn't really phase me at all. But as soon as they had it going I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside. That's my kid I thought...thank goodness tear drops don't show on a blog. But as bad as a situation as this seems from the outside, ultimately I'm having a kid and look forward to raising the little bugger. Thank you again to my parents, family and friends who are there for me, I couldn't begin to describe what you mean to me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Birthday

It was my birthday this weekend, as I gloriously stated to everyone on my myspace and in a five mile radius, me and my friends went up to pocatello for some gambling. I did not do very well at all. but I didn't lose as much as they did. We got a suite at the ameritel, it had two king rooms, a living room, kitchen all the goods and it was awesome couldn't had it work out better. Then we came home on sunday to some ice cream cake and presents and it was awesome. Just a thank you to my parents and family, and my friends for the great day and presents.