Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ok so what's New

It's been forever but here's a little refresher.

I got married to the mother of my child Amanda. On February 7 I started a family. I got an awesome daughter (Rylee) in the deal who I plan on adopting since the real father is a dumb face(cleaned up for family)

Still work at Ikea, love every minute I am there. Amanda and I got to go on a late honeymoon to Disneyland in November, it was a nice break from life and the kids. I was on of the best times of my life. We actually took the kids earlier in the year on a whim of a trip to California which we were surprised by Amanda's dad with tickets to Disneyland. It was awesome to take Rylee on It's a small world and Pirates of the Caribbean.

And of course my first born came into the world on June 12, 2009. His name is Jayden David and he is simply the greatest thing to happen to me ever. He is now six months old and just a cute chubby baby.

Ok so what